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The Federation offers you the opportunity to join a community of more than 1,500 professional tour guides. As a member, you can exchange and receive information concerning the evolution of our profession. We introduce you to our members through training sessions, on site and virtual visits, information sessions, and forums. Thanks to our directory, you are automatically present on our social platform.

The Federation puts its LOGO at your disposal with the words MEMBER and the current year. You can add it to you email signature or include it on the home page of your own website

In a profession where many members work as freelancers, the federation brings us together and allows us to gain visibility to represent the profession. Join us!

Membership Tarifs

Rates 2024 :

  • 60€ full tarif
  • 50€ reduced tarif for associated members
  • 35€ first membership adhérent

Memberships procedures

  1. Complete the inscription form Make sure to provide all the information requested
  2. Once validated by the FNGIC Board of Directors, your membership becomes effective and you will receive confirmation of your registration.
  3. You can pay your membership by credit card, by check, payable to the FNGIC or by bank transfer. Remember to specify your name. Your account will be activated by our permanent staff and you can connect to your personal space to complete your "public page" and add your photo.

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The advantages of FNGIC' members :
  • Be part of the largest professional network of certified guides in France
  • Having access to quality training
  • To be able to put your profile and your visits online on the biggest guide directory in France without any commission

The federation in figures

  • More than 1500 members in France
  • Over 50 languages spoken
  • Over 41 years of existence
  • The largest professional network of guides in France

Why use a tour guide?

  • To make your visit more lively
  • To call on a qualified professional
  • For a customised experience

Our members have talent

Discover the cultural proposals of our members who share with you their catalogue of tours, each more original than the last.
Join the largest network of professional tour guides in France.

Become a Member!

Membership at the FNGIC means joining the largest network of professional tour guides in France .

By joining the FNGIC, you will have access to numerous training courses throughout the year, updates about operating conditions, and changes at local instituions throughout France. We also offer opportunities for professional networking.

Members are listed on the online directory. From the website, members can publish their tours without paying an additional fee.

Becoming a member of the FNGIC promotes our profession!


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