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Virginie GRAVIER

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Born and raised in Paris, I studied “British and North American Studies” at the Sorbonne University. I eventually graduated with a PhD. In that context, I was a Teacher in England – where I spent three years – a Lecturer in the US  – where I spent one year- and a Professor back in France.

As a student’s job, I started taking foreign visitors around Europe and France on coach tours. I enjoyed it so much that tourism became my new vocation. I was a Tour Manager for 25 years.

In order to perfect my training, I attended Nanterre University to become an official National Guide. I am qualified, by the government, to guide everywhere in France in three languages.

 Now, I continue to share my passion for all things French and my “joie de vivre” with groups or individuals or families, here on business or for leisure, in and around our beautiful capital … and a bit further.

Come and visit my website.

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